Tattoo copyright claim made against WWE after game release

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a massive outfit, with not only their shows but merchandise galore bringing them in the money.

Another avenue they have used to engage their fans is video games. These video games feature WWE stars and allow the user to act out the wrestling matches they see on the TV.

As part of this, the big stars have been created in a virtual form, to very realistic standards.

While this may seem a good thing to many, a recently filed claim against them suggests otherwise.

Tattoo artist Catherine Alexander has filed a claim against WWE for not seeking her permission to use her copyright protected work with the ‘WWE 2K’ video games. Her tattoo work can be seen on wrestler Randy Orton’s character within the game.

Alexander has filed a claim against WWE and Take-Two Interactive software (who make the game) for failing to get her consent to use her copyright protected work.

The claim hasn’t been smooth sailing since 2018 when it was filed. There has been back and forth as to whether copyright protection was held by Alexander and if she had sufficiently registered the works to file the claim within the US.

Considering the matter, the Judge ruled against WWE stating that five of the tattoos were sufficiently registered and therefore the claim could proceed in relation to these.

WWE and Take-Two will now have to get themselves ready to fight against the claim, or they face the prospect of a damaging hit on their finances in the form of a damages payout.

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