T-shirt design in copyright design filed against Nicki Minaj

Rap star Nicki Minaj has followed in the footsteps of many other celebrities who has chosen clothing as a good form of advertising and merchandise.

However, it seems that this time she was not particularly original.

Isiah Simon, who is an artist based in the US, has filed a claim against Minaj and Universal Music Group arguing that a design used is a copy of his original design.

The design in question is of an inverted heart compromising of a woman’s chest and a red bikini, which is used as part of the word ‘Love’. Simon has produced t-shirts using this design which display slogans such as ‘I love Venice Beach’.

In 2015, the design was protected by Simon at the US Copyright Office.

The alleged infringing design is the same heart design within the phrase ‘I love Nicki’.

The claim describes Minaj’s actions as a ‘brazen copy’.

With merchandise being such a hot commodity, especially in relation to popstars, it will be interesting to see if this claim hits Minaj hard.

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