Swift Life app trade mark saga for Taylor Swift

The music world has exploded in line with the developing technologies, with many music stars wanting a slice of the action.

Popstar Taylor Swift is no exception as last year she launched an app called ‘The Swift Life’. This app was aimed to provider fans of the star with further access to her life and career as well as the ability to use ‘Taymojis’ and communicate with other fans.

However, the launch of such app has not gone down as well as with everyone.

New York based computer company SwiftLife have filed a trade mark infringement action against Swift and the app creator Glu as they argue it infringes their company name trade mark.

SwiftLife have been operating since early 2000’s and have been the owner of a registered trade mark in the US for ‘SwfitLife’ since 2007.

The company states in their claim that they have received a number of communications for fans of Swift who have confused the two products and services.

Also, they have provided evidence of a decrease in Google rankings since the launch of the app.

The claim also highlights the fact that Swift and Glu had ample means to enter into a license for the use of the mark but made no attempts to contact the company.

SwiftLife are asking for an injunction against the use of the mark, a condition of which all users of The Swift Life need to be notified of the judgment, all profits of the app, damages and the payment of legal costs.

No response has yet company from the TSwift camp but this will certainly be an interesting case to follow.

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