Swatch swipes at Samsung over watch face trademark

Swiss watch company, Swatch, known as being the producer of high-quality watches, has taken on tech giant Samsung in a trade mark claim over Samsung’s watches.

The claim specifically relates to downloadable watch faces for smart watches.

Swatch has claimed that a number of designs Samsung has released, infringes Swatch’s registered trade marks.

The designs in question include the logos of Swatch-owned brands, such as Tissot and Hamilton.

Swatch confirm in the claim that they have not granted any license to Samsung to use such logos and therefore their actions amount to trade mark infringement.

The two parties have apparently been in direct contact about this dispute before the claim was filed, which resulted in Samsung deleting some of the alleged infringing designs but not admitting that they are liable for trade mark infringement.

Its likely that this matter will settle behind closed doors, with the damages award being rather large considering the two brands reputations. However, we will keep you up to date if there is any further interesting developments so keep your eyes peeled on the Reading Room.

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