Surfchannel Man Sentenced to 4 Years

Man from Surfchannel sentenced to 4 years imprisoment.

Surfchannel offered links to pirated copies of films and TV shows. He was charged and convicted of two counts of conspiracy to facilitate copyright infringement. The owner of Surfchannel Anton Vickerman was sentenced to four years in prison.

The Guardian reported that “Anton Vickerman, ……is the first British man to be jailed in the UK for a website that linked to illegal copies of films and TV shows.

Vickerman, from Gateshead, set up the website in 2007 as an index of online videos “both legal and illegal“ hosted elsewhere on the internet. Prosecutors said Vickerman made £250,000 in profit through adverts on the site in 2008, the year in which he tried to sell it for £400,000.”

Director of FACT Kieron Sharp said “This case conclusively shows that running a website that deliberately sets out to direct users to illegal copies of films and TV shows will result in a criminal conviction and a long jail sentence.”

Mr Vickerman was the first person in the UK to be convicted of such an offence but he is unlikely to be the last.

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