Supreme sued over camouflage pattern

Popular clothing brand Supreme appears to be struggling to blend in, as eagle-eyed outdoor clothing companies keep close protection of their camouflage pattern copyright.

Supreme’s “Reversible Puffy Work Jacket” is now subject to a lawsuit, which was filed by ASAT Outdoors LLC. The latter company is responsible for the production of various gear for hunters, with a camouflage pattern covering the clothing fully.

The lawsuit claims that the proposed design, found in Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2019 look book, infringes their original pattern.

ASAT have held ownership of copyright in the distinctive pattern, intended to resemble barbed leaves, since 1985. They are speculated to be seeking damages of up to $150,000 for the infringement, as Supreme have publicly displayed the design in question on their world-famous clothing apparel. This leaves ASAT, amongst many other alike companies, looking and feeling deserted. This headline juxtaposes with reports that claim Supreme to be the most common brand for knockoff products, in the fashion industry.

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