Supreme opposes Urban Coolab’s “EMERPUS” trade mark, as it is their name spelled backwards.

Streetwear brand Supreme recently opposed a trade mark filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, after Canada-based Urban Coolab Inc filed to trade mark “EMERPUS” for their apparel, back in May 2020. In the opposition proceedings, Supreme’s counsel stated that the listed trade mark holds no indication of the goods and services provided by the Canadian brand’s products, as it is simply the word ‘Supreme’ spelled backwards.

Supreme holds hundreds of registered trade marks across the world and has been actively using them since 1994. The company argued that if Urban Coolab were to obtain the EMERPUS trade mark, it would significantly damage Supreme’s goodwill and business reputation. It has been declared that the mark would likely cause confusion amongst consumers and in turn lead them to believe that the products originated from Supreme. Last month, Urban Coolab denied that the use of their requested trade mark would affect the reputation of Supreme.

Currently, the matter has been suspended by the court at the request of both parties. This is as they are actively engaging in negotiations of settling the matter privately. The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board granted the motion to suspend for 30 days, subject to the right of either party to request resumption at any given time. Be sure to look out for any further updates on the EMERPUS mark, on our reading room.

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