Suppliers, developers and soon to be end users of Kodi in the war against piracy?

UK based Anti-piracy outfit, the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), have the suppliers, developers and soon the end users of Kodi Boxes in their sights.

Everyone, or most people might know, there is a war against pirates in the UK, and we are not talking about the ones in boats.

FACT has taken action against sellers of Kodi boxes that have been ‘pre-loaded’ with illicit third party add-ons. With the Digital Economy Act 2017 now enshrined into UK law, anyone that is caught streaming content without the rights holders permission could, in theory, face up to a 10 year sentence. However, Keiron Sharp, FACT CEO has stated that the new law will most likely target individuals and groups making a business out of selling illegal content.

But now, a fresh warning aimed towards users of the illicit add-ons has emerged. Mr Sharp recently explained “we’ll also be looking at, at some point, the end user. The reason for end users to come into this is that they are committing criminal offences,”

However, there may be issues with IP addresses, intent and streaming being an offence in the first place. The Digital Economy Act 2017 has raised the penalty for online copyright infringement to a 10 year sentence. However, it should be noted that this would only be in very specific circumstances, end users of a Kodi box would need to ‘upload’ content and distribute it to the public for this penalty to be available to prosecutors.

One thing that is not in issue, is the fact that FACT want the sellers, developers and end users of Kodi boxes to know that they are on to them.Â

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