Steve McQueen estate battles Tom Ford over namesake cardigan

The late great actor Steve McQueen was renowned for being the ‘king of cool’.

It seems that high end fashion brand ‘Tom Ford’ have allegedly taken advantage of this for their new product.

The estate of Steve McQueen has filed a trade mark infringement claim against Tom Ford, claiming that a new line of cardigans infringes their trade mark rights.

The cardigans in question are called ‘McQueen Cardigan’ and the ‘Merino McQueen Cardigan’, and the estate claims that the brand is using clothing that McQueen made famous. In addition, they claim that the products are sold giving the impression that the estate has approved them, which is not the case.

This has spread to retailers, the estate has also stated, with a number of them using McQueen’s full name to advertise the products.

There is no official response from Tom Ford but as celebrities rights are so important these days, this is certainly one they cannot afford to ignore!

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