South Africa to host WIPO Respect for IP Conference

Later this year in South Africa, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) along with other important international establishments will be looking to have the second international conference on ‘Respect for IP’. The said conference will focus on the enforcement of intellectual property.  Â

WIPO has announced that the event will take place from 23-25 October in affluent Sandton, South Africa, succeeding the first conference in 2016 which was held in Shanghai, China. It is estimated that more than 600 participants from all around the globe will be attending this event comprising, but not limited to, governmental organisations, ministers, policymakers, NGOs, the legal fraternity, businesses and consumer groups. Â

A WIPO spokesperson has elaborated on the aim and background of this conference to Intellectual Property Watch. They stated the following:

“The overall goal of the Conference is to provide a high-level forum for dialogue amongst policy and decision makers in the area of building respect for IP and IP enforcement from around the globe. It will serve as an incubator of ideas for supporting a balanced and effective IP enforcement system and resolving some of today’s pressing issues in building respect for IP. A particular emphasis … will be on international and domestic collaboration in building respect for IP.

Decisions to organize building respect for IP conferences are not taken by the WIPO Advisory Committee on Enforcement (ACE). This notwithstanding we kept Member States informed about the progress in the planning of the 2016 Conference in the regular ACE consultation meetings that we had with the Regional Coordinators and will also do the same for the 2018 Conference in South Africa. Please note that a number of Member States provided very positive feedback on the 2016 Conference in statements made at the last ACE session and General Assembly.”

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