Sony Music Entertainment files copyright infringement suit against fitness clothing giant Gymshark

On Thursday 15 July 2021, Sony Music Entertainment (‘Sony Music’) filed a copyright infringement suit against gym wear apparel giant Gymshark over the use of its allegedly infringing sound recording and musical compositions through its social media advertisements.

In the suit filed with the United States District Court of California, Sony Music claims the gym clothing that is valued at an impressive $1.4 billion, deliberately abjured traditional advertising routes and has instead targeted social media websites to promote its products with the use of the allegedly infringing sound recordings.

The suit further claims that Gymshark achieved its success through “blatant, wilful and repeated copyright infringement of content owned by record labels and music publishers, including infringement of hundreds of Sony Music’s most popular and valuable sound recordings” and that Gymshark’s employed third-party influencers are also infringing the rights of Sony Music through the creation and streaming of its videos.

Sony Music are seeking costs and damages for $150,00.00 per infringed work, should they win their case against Gymshark.

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