Sonos file another lawsuit for patent infringement against Google.

Sonos filed their second lawsuit against Google on Tuesday, with the claims that the latter had infringed on their innovations, with particular reference to Google’s smart speaker. As per the patent, Sonos insist that Google has infringed five of their protected patents, including the ability to transfer the playback of music to the speaker from a phone, in order to enable control of different rooms of music in the home.

 This is not the first suit the tech giant faced from Sonos, as it previously received an infringement claim over similar allegations. The latter held that Google made use of Sonos’ patents involving the setup, control and synchronisation of wireless playback devices. However, Sonos spoke out to say that another huge reason for the second lawsuit is the fact that Google have continued to disregard its IP. The company insist that it is important for smaller businesses and American inventors to stand up against monopolists who “try to copy and subsidise their way to further domination”.

Google countersued Sonos after their first hit against the giant, with allegations of infringements on five separate Google patents. This included mesh networking, echo cancellations, and content notifications. As per Google’s suit, they used the same argument to claim Sonos are infringing on their intellectual property, as they held no license to use the patents in question.

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