Solve your IP dispute through mediation

If you are not too familiar with the law, you may think the only way to solve a dispute is by going to court. Well you would be wrong!

The majority of cases, no matter what the subject matter, never even reach the court doors, with settlements agreed at the beginning of cases.

One element of the justice system that has caused this reduction in court cases is alternative dispute resolution, the most common being mediation.

Mediation is strongly encouraged by the courts and is widely known about in respect of areas such as family law, but did you know you can solve your IP dispute through mediation.

The UK Intellectual Property Office run their own IP mediation service which can help resolve dispute such as:

  • disputes about infringement of an IP right
  • disputes about IP licensing
  • trade mark opposition and invalidation proceedings on relative grounds
  • disputes over patent entitlement e.g. whether a co-inventor was employee or consultant
  • copyright licensing disputes between collecting societies and users of copyright material regarding the terms and conditions of licences

You may think that mediation is not worth your time, you will be interested to know that it is much cheaper and quicker than court litigation and has a positive impact on bringing disputes to a close.

It is important that both parties to your dispute are fully engaged with mediation in order for it to be successful.

With an IP team that is as experienced as ours in IP mediation, there is only one firm to call. Lawdit is here to help you today.

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