Social Media and your data

Social media is used by billions of people worldwide on a daily basis. We use it for uploading images, sharing our thoughts and reading the news and sharing those which we find interesting. However, it is also important to note that when you use your social media account on other sites then you are consenting that the site can hold your data as well.

The main point to consider on this is that this does not mean your data has been breached because the social media platform has passed data on. In fact, you had already consented to this when you agreed to the terms and conditions when opening your social media account.

It is not to say that they still need to protect your data and comply to the Data Protection Act 2018 with how they store your data and who they can pass your data on to. Make sure you are mindful of this when you sign up to social media account. It is important that you do read the terms and conditions before agreeing to signing up.

If you have found your data to be in breach or is being misused, then call us now. It is important to know that these platforms are still expected to be compliant with the data protection regulations in each territory. We will address what can be done to ensure compliance in another article.

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