Snapchat to muscle in on TV content

It was reported on Lawdit’s reading room in August, that the social network app Snapchat had been hit by strong competition in the form of Facebook owned Instagram and its new feature, Stories.

This saw a dip in Snapchat’s popularity and financial growth.

However, it seems the app is not ready to disappear yet as they are creeping into the TV market in order to bring back previous users and raise its popularity once more against its close competitors. Â

It has been announced that Snapchat’s parent company Snap Inc will be teaming up with TV Giant NBC Universal to create tv style content to be hosted on the app.

The shows will be three to five minutes long and will be original scripted videos. Snapchat will work with NBC and their programme and film creators in order to make their mark in the original content popularity explosion.

If NBC Universal previous efforts on Snapchat are anything to go by, the future is promising.

NBC Universal produced a unique version of The Voice US for Snapchat which was nominated for an Emmy this year. The series was compiled of audition videos submitted by users and unique clips from the coaches.

The new content will feature alongside the already established shows section of the app which already plays videos from other media organisations.

There has been no word from Snap Inc as of yet in relation to what should be expected and when we should expect to see it.

There seems to be another Snapchat and Facebook brewing with Facebook announcing their watch video service which will include original content, some of which will be funded by Facebook itself.

The lines are blurring between traditional and social meda- time will tell if Snapchat’s new addition will take off.

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