Snapchat source code leaked and taken down following a DMCA take down request

The source code was recently leaked to Github, a Microsoft owned hosting platform mostly used for computer code. The Snapchat source code was uploaded by an individual who claimed to be located in Pakistan. It is not known what exactly the code contained, it may be Android, iOS or other code.

Snap Inc. is the proprietor of Snapchat and acted swiftly by filing a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take down notice. This notice is a statutory notice, pursuant to the DMCA, which allows for content to be taken down from a website following the request of the copyright owner.

The DMCA prescribes a number of statements that must be made by the copyright owner to effectively take the content down. Such statements include an identification of the copyrighted work to be taken down and a statement from the complainant that there is a good faith belief that the infringing material is not authorised by the copyright owner.

It is possible to see Snap Inc.’s take down notice here:

However, the DMCA does provide for liability of a party who “knowingly materially misrepresents … that material or activity is infringing”, it would therefore be strongly advised that all doubts are dealt with before the filing of the notice.

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