Sleeping on the job!

A new invention created in the US by Thomas Bowen and Anne Fairchild has been targeted at over worked Japanese office workers. The Pillow Tie or Nemuri Tie in Japanese is a tie that inflates to double as a pilow to enable tired office workers to nap in comfort and style on their desks.

It is disguised as an ordinary tie but contains a hidden air vent discretely located at the back of the neck, which when blown into inflates it like a pillow.

The tie is made from silk and special micro fibres, which will help to cool skin during the stifling summer humidity, according to a Japanese newspaper.

The Pillow Tie is being distributed in Japan by KTM Co and is targeting office workers who are keen for a quick nap on their desk and is currently on sale for around just under £20 (2,500 yen).

Japan is famously home to a corporate culture of long working hours and one of the few places in the world where a word was created to mean ‘death from overwork’- karoshi. Whether or not it will take off in the UK will remain to be seen…

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