Skoda’s patent for first illuminated seatbelt buckle.

An idea that seems so simple yet so efficient has just been announced by Skoda’s recent patent. The feature is set to ease the process of securing a seatbelt in the dark. It would illuminate the colour red until the seatbelt has been fastened by the passengers, which will then be followed by a green light once secured. 

Lastly, there is set to be the illumination of a white colour, so the driver doesn’t get distracted or overwhelmed by intense colours. The white light will remain on for the duration of the car journey, as it could also enable riders to locate their buckle at the end of the drive. As per the patent, there is a further idea explored, one which could enable the buckle to be programmed to have an animated welcome sequence when the driver or passengers enter the vehicle.

 The further inclusion of a weight sensor would also enable the feature to recognise the potential presence of the person seated. This is just one of many patents filed by Skoda which aim to ensure systems to “make life easier, safer and more enjoyable for owners and drivers”.

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