Skoda Settles Trademark Dispute with Monte Carlo Fashion

New Delhi garments manufacturer Monte Carlo fashion and Czech motor company Skoda have entered into a trademark agreement following a dispute last year which saw the fashion brand suing Skoda India over the use of its ‘Monte Carlo’ edition car.

In 2017 Skoda India had launched its special edition automobile ‘Rapid Monte Carlo’ which had quickly been withdrawn. Shortly after, the Delhi courts saw the automobile company admitting a trademark violation plea for the infringement of trademark fashion brand Monte Carlo.

A year since the Delhi court admitted Monte Carlo’s petition and the garment maker and Skoda have seemingly settled their clash with Skoda India currently reintroducing the new ‘Rapid Monte Carlo’ edition car. The new agreement will allow Skoda the use to the ‘Monte Carlo’ fashion trademark for its cars in the whole of India

Monte Carlo Fashions Executive Director Rishabh Oswal said in a statement: “We have agreed to give Skoda a license to use our brand name to market and sell their Monte Carlo edition of cars. This is a win-win solution for both the companies. However, the company hopes that this case will set a precedent and ensure that corporate organizations adopt a more careful approach towards trademark infringement”.


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