Skittles v Zkittles trade mark dispute

Earlier this week, the makers of world famous Skittles, Mars Wrigley, commenced legal action against THC infused Zkittles sweets for trade mark infringement.

Sweets and drinks giants Mars Wrigley who filed a lawsuit in both California and Canada, are seeking damages in the sum of $2million and are further seeking to obtain an injunction against the owners of the knock off sweets, Terphogz, on the grounds that the two brands are confusingly similar.

In their suit, Mars Wrigley claim that the infringing products “pose a great danger to the public as anyone, children and adults alike, could easily mistake the infringing cannabis-infused products for Wrigley’s famous and beloved candies and inadvertently ingest the THC in them”.

Mars Wrigley are further seeking to obtain Terphogz’s website domain in a bid to stop the future sale and distribution of the infringing products.  

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