Sheeran stung by copyright claim yet again

Pop superstar, Ed Sheeran, known as being one of the best singer-songwriters, has yet again been in the firing line of another copyright claim.

This time it is not one of Ed’s own hits that has caused the issue, but he is very much involved as he co-wrote the song.

The song in question is ‘The Rest of Our Life’ which was co-wrote by Sheeran with country singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

The song was released by Hill and McGraw and became the title track of their debut album.

Sean Carey and Beau Golden, songwriters from Australia, are suing the three writers for $5 million on the basis that ‘The Rest of Our Life’ is a ‘blatant copy’ of their song ‘When I Found You’.

‘When I Found You’ was written by the Australian pair in 2014, and the song was released in 2015.

The claim states “The copying is, in many instances, verbatim, note-for-note copying of important and original elements of the song, and is obvious to the ordinary observer.”

Carey and Golden have two theories as to how the infringement occurred.

The first involves Sony Music Entertainment, who are also defendants to the claim, who the Australian duo claim knew the copying had occurred and did not do anything to prevent it. They go on to allege a Sony agent may have been the provider of access.

The second alternative theory is that Sheeran heard the song during his touring through Australia in 2015, as it was frequently on the radio.

Carey and Golden are asking for $5 million in damages as well as injunctive relief.

It will be interesting to see how this round of copyright claims pan out and whether it will be the last.

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