Shanghai Police Swoop on Dyson hair dryer counterfeiters

On Friday 4th January 2019, Shanghai police announced they had arrested 36 people who mass produced counterfeit products of British brand Dyson. The police had been watching the group since August 2018 after receiving multiple consumer complaints as a result of buying the counterfeit hair dryers online.

The suspects had originally started a business in Huizhou to produce hair dryers for their own brand that looked like Dyson’s, but after poor sales the group decided to make counterfeit products instead. When the police raided two of the production sites on the 14th December 2018 they found 400 finished products, 1,500 semi-finished goods and 200,000 spare parts. It is said the group purchased real Dyson products and dissected them into parts. The products were sold at a much cheaper price than the original Dyson hair dryer but were found to be damaging to hair and a serious fire risk.

The group were estimated to have made RMB 10 million in the Chinese currency, which is roughly the equivalent of over £1million. Shanghai Police officer Yu Songbin stated “the knock-offs are slightly different from the real products in material, quality and colour, but are obviously different in the working mechanism, air volume and sound after the machines are turned on.”

The group were arrested after the raid on 14th December 2018 on suspicion of counterfeiting a registered trademark. So far there has been no official announcement on whether the group have been charged, so the IP world must await a further announcement.

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