Sex Pistols band member rejects ‘Rotten’ contract agreement

The Sex Pistols,  the famous 70s punk-rock band from London have recently concluded a lawsuit involving a dispute among the members of the band. The dispute is in relation  to a new six-part tv series, that started filming in May this year, named Pistol (directed by Danny Boyle).

The main vocalist of the group, Johnny Rotten, discusses his disagreement with his fellow ex-bandmates, stating how disrespectful the show is and refusing to license their music.

The main concern from the lawsuit involved the contract signed by the band in 1988. The contract stated that licenses for the music can be ‘granted by agreement from the majority of the band’. Rotten argued that the band had never followed this term or contract and that any discussion regarding licensing  their music can be rejected by any member of the group, suggesting that there was no need in a majority vote. The 1988 contract was recently  overlooked by Rotten himself after refusing Netflix from using their music in the hit show ‘The Crown’.

A judge has since ruled against Rotten and his lawsuit, stating that a majority of the band can overrule a singular member. A couple of days ago the court concluded that Jones and Cook are permitted to license their music for the upcoming drama ‘Pistols’.

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