Selena Gomez takes aim at fashion game for copycat character

In recent times, there has been an increase in cases surrounding the protection of a people likeness.

In a world where celebrity sells, many media works, such as video games are looking at ways to attract customers. A way in which they can do this is by including celebrity based characters.

Many companies take the right path and gain the celebrity’s consent to the use of their likeness. However this will inevitability cost money as this consent will not come for free.

The latest case highlights that some companies may try and have their cake and eat, ignoring the legal consequences.

Popstar Selena Gomez have filed a claim against a mobile game app for creating a character using her face and likeness without consent.

The app is fashion game Clothes Forever Styling, who has also used the likeness of other stars, such as Adele and Taylor Swift.

Gomez’s claim calls the use of her likeness as a ‘gross violation’ of her publicity rights. It is also cited that this use may impact her changes of developing a fashion game in the future.

With Gomez’z normal charges for appearances in the millions, it will be interesting to see what level of eyewatering damages have been claimed in this case. As its in the early stages, time will tell whether the court will be playing in Selena’s favour. Watch this space!

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