Security over IPR

Securing your IPR. Have a debt, secure it against the IPR.

Securing an asset against your IPR is not an usual transaction. All IPRs can be secured by way of security and in these uncertain times and provided one can place a value on these assets companies are using the same to secure debts against the IPRs.

Ideally it is best to secure your debt against a patent, with value, so the most important aspect is to value the patent. If a company has 30 patents which are all producing royalties then it will be relatively easy to ascertain the value of the patent and secure against the patent portfolio. Other registerable rights such as a trade mark and registered design are also worthy of securing.

Remember that valuation is the key. Make sure you know someone who is experienced and is credible when securing the IPR.

Michael Coyle is a Solicitor Advocate and can be contacted at .

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