Scottish Labour Party Trade Mark Attempt

Labour councillor Dennis Goldie applied last year to secure the name ‘Scottish Labour Party’ as a trade mark in the hope it would be used by a new stand-alone organisation.

Mr Goldie, who was three times provost in Falkirk and twice its council leader, wanted to gift the trademark to the leader of Scottish Labour.

He admitted the £500 application to the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO), which was paid for by a local Labour club, would be a “surprise” to HQ, but said it was “done to be helpful”. Unfortunately, the Labour Party Nominees Ltd, which controls the Labour Party’s property and assets have submitted an opposition to the IPO.

“In the country at large, there probably is a view that the Scottish Labour Party should be independent of the national Labour Party,” Mr Goldie told the Sunday Herald at the time.

The SNP said UK Labour’s latest interference was typical of its heavy-handed approach.

SNP MSP James Dornan said: “This is further evidence that their ‘branch office’ status is embedded in the party structure. The longer Labour at Westminster is pulling the strings, the harder it will be for Labour in Scotland to even begin to address their issues.”

A Labour spokesman said: “The Scottish Labour Party is at its best when we work together with friends and colleagues across the whole of the UK Labour Party. The old trade union slogan applies to our country as much as to our party – unity is strength.”

We will have to wait to hear the news as to whether the opposition is successful or whether ‘Scottish Labour Party’ will become a registered trade mark.

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