Say hello to Frankie Biggins Part 1

My name is Frankie Biggins and I am a Fashion Designer I have loved fashion ever since I can remember. When I was a child I was always fascinated with clothes and fashion, how styles change and how it can shape an entire generation……oh and its big business!  When I was at fashion school I could not believe how much money the fashion industry generated. For example, the Chair of the British Fashion Council declared that the direct value of the UK fashion industry to the UK economy was £26 billion! So, I thought if I can combine my flair for style and business, I want some of that!  After graduation, I decided to start my own fashion label and brand.

I was concerned about the legal issues surrounding my designs. What if someone copied or stole them? What about China? Don’t they copy everything? What about this 5- change rule I’m always hearing about?

So, I needed a Solicitor and met up with Michael Coyle founder and director of Lawdit Solicitors ( and He gave me some invaluable advice concerning the legal issues surrounding the law and fashion.


 Design law in the UK can be complicated and confusing. Michael advised me to focus on three areas. Designs, Copyright and Trade Marks. I hope you find it useful. Don’t shy away from the legal issues surrounding your designs. Keep it simple and look after your designs. They are your lifeblood!

My StoryÂ

I graduated from Parsons School for Fashion and Design about 4 years ago. After graduating, I gained valuable experience working in London’s Bond Street and spent two years working in Savile Row. I had always wanted to establish my own fashion line and jewellery collection, and to become a household name. I was so determined to go at it alone so I begged, borrowed and ‘stole’ to raise the funds, and this year I launched the ‘Frankie Biggins’ and FB clothing range. I now have three shops in London, several franchisees, and my clothing range is sold in over 40 countries across the world.


This is the story of how IÂ protected my work and my designs.Â


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