Samsung v Apple Patent clash finally settled

Possibly one of the longest running IP disputes in recent times, Samsung and Apple’s patent dispute has come to an end after 7 years.

A month after Apple was awarded $539 million, the parties have settled.

The order for dismissal of the claim was granted by District Judge Lucy Koh.

The parties submitted a joint notice of settlement the terms of which have been kept confidential.

The dispute started back in 2012, when Apple started the accusations over the infringement of a patent by Samsung in respect of the design and utility of the iPhone.

The matter was appealed back and forth, even being considered by the US Supreme Court. At one point, Samsung sought to have the original damages award vacated in readiness for a new trial, which would have started the process again.

Before the settlement was filed to the Court, it seemed that Samsung again was to appeal the decision and order the matter be tried again and the damages award returned to them.

While it seems the matter has been put to bed, with IP you never know how it will turn out, so watch this space for its head to pop up again.

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