Samsung seeks overturn of Apple Patent judgment


Tech giant Samsung urged an appeal court in the US this week to overturn a decision previously made by a jury in 2014.

As a consequence of infringing three patents owed by Apple, they were ordered to pay $120 million. The three patents, that Samsung were found to have infringed were in relation to ‘quick links’, autocorrect and the iPhone’s slide to lock feature.

In their attempt to overturn the 2014 verdict, Samsung focused on the ‘quick links’ patent. In the original judgment, the infringement of this patent accumulated $98 million of the damages awarded to Apple.

After a lengthy technical argument, Samsung’s lawyer Kathleen Sullivan stated Samsung did not use the same technology as Apple to detect and link to specific data, such as phone numbers, in its phones’ Web browser and messenger applications.

Also in the original hearing, two of the three judges questioned Apple’s arguments but it was the jury’s judgment that determined the outcome of the case. The jury sided with Apple and rejected Samsung’s evidence.

In respect to the two other patents questioned, Samsung claim they are invalid. Apple reject this.

This tussle between the tech giants has been in and out of court over the last two years.

Samsung are planning to appeal parts of the previous judgment to the US Supreme Court, whereas another trial has been scheduled for March 2016 to determine further damages instigated by Apple.

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