Royalties fight between heirs of Jimmy Hendrix and bandmates

The royalties paid for the use of songs from legends that are no longer with us can be massive. The royalties don’t stop when the artist dies and therefore can be a significant asset for family members and those who run the artist’s estate.

The possibility of legal issues also doesn’t die with the artist.

The latest claim filed is by the estate of Jimmy Hendrix who have filed a claim in response to claims by the estate of bandmates in respect of unpaid royalties.

 In December 2021, legal representatives of the families of the Jimi Hendrix Experience bassist David Noel Redding and drummer John Graham “Mitch” Mitchell, sent a cease and desist letter that claimed they owned a proportion of the copyright protection in Hendrix’s music and threatened to sue for infringement.

To combat this, the estate of Jimmy Hendrix has requested the court makes a declaration that confirms there is no liability and royalties are not due.

There is more to the story as agreements were signed in the 1970’s by the band members to remove their right to claim royalties.

This will be an interesting legal matter and may well be a battle yet. Keep your eyes on the reading room for further updates.

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