‘Rodeo’ copyright claims denied by Lil Nas X

Yet another copyright claim has come out of the wood work for a popular music star.

This time, in the firing line is Grammy winner rapper Lil Nas X who has come under scrutiny for claims that his song ‘Rodeo’ infringes copyright protection.

The claim has been filed by Don Lee and Glen DeMerritt who filed details in October last year that ‘Rodeo’ copied elements of their trap-style beat “gwenXdonlee4-142”.

This beat was used in a song called ‘Broad Day’ and it is this song that Lil Nas X has allegedly copied the beat from.

Lil Nas X has now filed his response to the claim and has rebutted the claim in its entirety.

The rappers defence to the claim makes it clear that ‘Rodeo’ is an independent work and was not influenced by any other protected work in its creation.

A similar response has been filed by Cardi B who features on the track.

Watch this space for further updates on this rap copyright clash.

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