“Rise and Shine” or more like ‘sit and withhold’ as Kylie Jenner’s trademark request is refused.

Last week we found out Kylie had filed a trademark for the above phrase, after her office tour video went viral, receiving over 12 million views. Kylie’s request to have “rise and shine” trademarked was denied and many appear to agree with that decision for a number of reasons. One individual who felt particularly strongly about this is Cathy Beggin.

Cathy is a businesswoman and single mother in New Jersey and already owns a trademark for the popular catchphrase, with it being the name of her company. Beggin established her business back in 2006, selling a variation of products including nutritional supplements and cosmetics. Cathy seemed least impressed, insisting that Kylie Jenner was utilising the phrase without any legal license to do so, showing that Beggin is really not taking this lightly. Having an A-list celebrity as a competitor in the cosmetics industry aiming to overshadow years of development and fatiguing work would leave any individual feeling capsized. Cathy suggested that Jenner makes it appear as if the catchphrase originated from her.

Surprisingly, Beggin suggested she’s willing to compromise with the mogul and will consider licensing the trademarked phrase for her to use on products which don’t compete with Cathy’s. She insinuated that this would require a reasonable fee.

This trademark scandal leaves internet users divided and the question remains- what bizarre trademark will Kylie try to file for next ?

Written by Lora Krasteva who is a second year law student at Solent University

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