Rihanna’s Fenty Corp. settle lawsuit regarding a paparazzi photo, however still faces case against her dad’s “Fenty Entertainment”

Recent lawsuit settlement leaves Rhianna with one less to worry about, amidst facing a case against her own father.

Around three months ago, Eva Photography Inc sued Fenty Corp. for copyright infringement, after a photo of model Gigi Hadid, wearing a piece of Fenty’s first collection, was posted on Rhianna’s Instagram page for 77 million followers to see.

The photo of Hadid forced Eva’s Photography to file the suit on October 1st, with strong claims that Fenty came into conflict with their exclusive rights to post the picture, allowing her following to distribute it. This disregarded Eva’s Rights as the copyright holder. The photo agency insist that they were entitled to damages of $150,000.

Earlier this week, Eva’s Photography filed a notice of settlement for the suit, indicating a resolution had been agreed upon by the two parties, with the terms remaining confidential.

With the settlement providing a solution to the latter dispute, Rhianna is still in the midst of a $75 million lawsuit she filed against her dad for allegedly using their family name in “Fenty Entertainment”. The mogul claimed that the venture aimed to “solicit millions of dollars from unsuspecting third parties”.

31-year-old Rhianna wished in no way to be affiliated with the venture, nor did she authorise the occurrence of fraudulent business on her behalf. The trial is scheduled for late June 2020, with an estimated duration of 3-4 days, unless of course the opposing parties reach a settlement agreement.

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