Rice wars between India and Pakistan over Basmati geographical indication

A geographical indication is a term that you have likely to not heard of but definitely know about. When a region or area of a country has become synonymous with a food, drink or product, that area can seek protection to ensure that such product can only be made in that area in a certain way. This is essential to ensure the quality of such product is maintained and copycats don’t pop up everywhere.

Arguably the most famous geographical indication is Champagne, however many products are protected, including Scotch Whiskey and Melton Mowbray pork pies.

The newest product to be considered in basmati rice. However, there is a dispute as to which country should succeed in the claim.

Initially, the geographical indication claim was filed by India in September 2020. This would have granted India the exclusive rights in respect of basmati rice in the EU.

However, this claim has been opposed by Pakistan. This opposition was filed in the grounds that Pakistan is a major grower of basmati rice and therefore the claim of exclusivity would not be fair.

Previously, the EU had recognised basmati as a joint product of India and Pakistan and therefore it will be interesting to see if this stance is maintained and how this dispute will be resolved.

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