RIAA hits out at human rights laws

US Songwriter groups and elsewhere are hitting out at Recording Industry Association of America, for openly ignoring human right laws for musical creators, such as song writers. RIAA submitted an official review of the moral rights of US creators and concluded that the current system works fine and this new type of credit to all creators would be impractical and expensive.

Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) and RIAA are against the introduction of statutory moral rights for artists. The US signed the Berne Convention in 1989 but confusingly chooses not to recognise moral rights.

Other, writer organisations support US finally recognising moral rights for artists. Global organisations have come together to explain the relevance of human rights to RIAA, who continue to ignore the human rights laws set out to protect artists. Songwriter organisations including BASCA in the UK claim there is an anti-song writing agenda, whilst relying on songwriter support, and that credit should go where it is due.

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