Rhianna hit with copyright claim over Fenty Beauty Ad

As a massive music star herself, you would have thought Rhianna would be clear as to the use of music without the copyright owners permission. It seems in the latest claim, that is deemed not to be the case.

Having started in music, Rhianna has continued to build a strong empire in the cosmetics industry with the release of her Fenty Beauty company. This has fast become a go to for make up lovers and is leading the way with new products and ranges.

With any business advertising is key, even if the owner is a superstar. This is where things have gone wrong for Fenty.

Rhianna has been sued for copyright infringement over a claim a song was used in the latest Fenty Beauty social media advertising without the copyright owners permission.

The claim has been filed by musician King Khan and his daughter Saba Lou. They claim that the song ‘Good Habits (and Bad)’ has been used without permission. The pair co-wrote this song for Saba Lou’s 2012 album.

As the ad was viewed 3.4 million times, the claim for damages is likely to be significant as well as a claim for legal costs.

There has been no formal response to the claim but this is certainly one to watch. With social media advertising having such a big impact these days, the outcome of this will be significant.

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