Registered Designs in the UK and Protecting your Brand and Designs

If you have designs and wish to protect them, whether it is for a clock design, a bottle shape or scissor handle, Lawdit can assist you in preparing and filing your application with the UK Intellectual Property Office on your behalf.
The difficulty with filing a design is that not only will it have to show unique features but also be clearly defined and show at least 6 sides of the design. The shape and colour of the design may appear to be unique to you, but an examiner will also have to consider all other registered designs. The importance of this is so that the examiner is able to log and register the design without any issues in the future.

The cost for this is £50.00 fixed filing fees or £70.00 for two applications with two separate designs. Our fees will vary depending on the complexity of the designs that you wish to register but will be in the region of £200.00 – £400.00 plus vat per application.

If your application is successful, it will be registered within 15 days but may be delayed by up to three months. If your application flags up issues from the examiner then this will usually be either an error with how the design has been sent or is not consistent with the other angles of the design, or it could be that it is not registrable or too close to an existing registered design.

Lawdit has a fixed fee IP package to protect your brand in its entirety which includes registering your designs, trade marks for both your brand name and possibly the word/logo. For further information on this please do not hesitate to contact our office. If you do not register and protect your brand, you risk a third party which trades in the same industry as you, registering first and in turn having the ability of enforcing its unregistered rights over your brand.
There is a minefield of law which must be considered if a dispute arose and litigation ensued. Usually, most disputes are dealt with outside of court but if it is not achievable then prior rights and evidence of use which shows differences with the third-party mark or design will be paramount to successfully protecting your brand or design.

Our Intellectual Property team specialise in contentious matters and can advise you and represent you with all issues that may arise. If you receive a letter, or an examiner takes issue on a filing, we can draft responses on your behalf and as a fixed fee so that you know where you stand financially ever step of the way. We will also be very clear on prospects of success and advise you to withdraw or agree if it means that it will save you some money in fighting a dispute.

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