Registered Design Renewal

A registered design must be renewed every 5 years to keep it in force and every five years after that. A registered design can be renewed up to 25 years, but can be voluntarily cancelled it at any time or not renewed.

A registered design can be renewed up to 6 months before the renewal date. The UK IPO or your agent will write a reminder 3 months before renewal is due if not already renewed.

Registered design renewal fees:

2nd year: £130.00

3rd year: £210.00

4th year: £310.00

5th year: £450.00

The UK IPO or your agent will write to confirm that the design has been registered for the next 5-year period.

If you do not pay your renewal fee by the renewal date your registration becomes expired. You can still renew it within 1 month of the renewal date at no extra charge. There is then a further 5 months in which to renew your design.

However, there is a late payment fee of £24 for each of these months in addition to the renewal fee. If you do not renew your design within this 6 month period you can still apply to restore your design.

After the 6-month late renewal period, there is a further 6 month period where you can apply to restore your design.

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