Red Bull threatens trade mark dispute against gin-maker Bullard.

English gin producer ‘Bullard Spirits’ has just found itself in the middle of a trade mark dispute with Red Bull, over the use of the word ‘bull’. The energy drink maker has opposed an application to register the mark “Bullards” before the Intellectual Property Office.

The matter began back in February 2021, when Red Bull sent a letter to the gin maker’s legal team, alleging that the Bullards mark appears far too similar to that of Red Bull’s own and that public confusion may arise over the word ‘bull’.

Bullard’s founder, Russel Evans, has since stated that the company does not see any possibility of confusion and it holds no intention of doing energy drinks under their trade mark. Bullards was founded in 1873 as a producer of beer and importer of wines, while Red Bull was founded in 1978. Evans says that the energy drink giant is trying to bully any smaller companies which appear a minor threat. He added that he does not think that the matter will go to court. If you would like to follow the progress of this trade mark dispute, be sure to keep an eye out on our Reading Room.

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