Red Bull lock horns with Redwell Brewery over name dispute

Redwell Brewing, an independent Norwich based brewery has been told it faces legal action if it does not change its current name by the Austrian energy drink giant, Red Bull. Red Bull’s brand enforcement manager, Hansjorg Jeserznik, sent a letter to Redwell, which is run by four friends, claiming that the Redwell trade mark name is “confusingly similar from a visual as well as from a phonetical point of view” to Red Bull’s existing trade marks.

Mr Fisher, one of the four friends who run Redwell, said he is worried about the potential financial clout of the Austrian giants, and claims “it didn’t in a million years occur to us that we were treading on their toes”. The Redwell name derives from Redwell Street in Norwich where the company are based.

This case brings to attention the need to ensure that a trade mark is distinctive, and does not copy or infringe on a mark that has already been registered, however, Mr Fisher commented that “our solicitors think we’ve got a good case”. Red Bull has refused to comment on a pending case.

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