Reading chicken restaurant faces intellectual property rights notice TWICE!

A well-known chicken restaurant based on Oxford Road in Reading has faced a clash with Nando’s. The restaurant was previously called Fernando’s before facing a trade mark claim from Nando’s on Tuesday 6th March 2018. Nando’s lawyers sent a letter to Fernandez claiming they have infringed Nando’s intellectual property rights. This subsequently led to the store being rebranded on Friday 13th July 2018, renaming the logo Fernandez.
The logo name ‘Fernandez’ was sought after a Facebook competition was held, asking customers to create a new name for the restaurant. The competition was unnecessary as the owner, Mr Aziz came up with the name Fernandez.

Nevertheless, the legal brawl does not stop customers from visiting the chicken restaurant as the owner claims customers are not concerned with the name of the business as they are satisfied with the food and service offered.

However, after facing one legal battle, the restaurant owner has faced another legal battle with regards to its new name and branding designs after a restaurant called Fernandez Grillhouse served a legal notice to Fernandez in Reading. On Tuesday 22nd January 2019, Fernandez Grillhouse, based in Leicestershire had conveyed an intellectual property notice to Fernandez in Reading through their solicitors.

Mr Aziz was left in shock as it was not long since he had faced a lawsuit from Nando’s. The thought of having to rebrand came to Mr. Aziz as he wanted to franchise his restaurant and the fear of having lawsuits against his restaurant would not be a good image for Mr. Aziz.

This led to Fernandez in Reading having to rebrand a second time and naming their store Manzano’s Peri Peri on Wednesday 8th May 2019.

By Sabreena Majid, a third year Law Student at Reading University

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