Rapper Kanye West files homeware trademark

Atlanta-born rapper, Kanye West, is the latest of pop-sensations to be trademarking their name for reasons other than music. West’s company, Mascotte Holdings Inc, has recently filed a trademark application in the US state of California for his name of ‘Kanye West’ to be used alongside a range of home-themed products. Mascotte Holdings Inc already has legal ownership of the singer’s name and has done so since 2004, so it comes as no surprise that they are trying to use it for other products.

Within the application, the 44-year-old has classed his future homeware products as including shower curtains, textile wall hangings, bed blankets, throw blankets and golf blankets. Anyone who knows of West knows that he lives a life of style and luxury, so it is no shock that the materials that, self-titled ‘Ye’, wants to use to make his homeware line is due to consist of cashmere, fleece and silk; all luxurious enough to suit his own style. 

Born Kanye Omari West, the singer-rapper artist appears to be planning to expand his already, self-proclaimed, billionaire status with this new venture. The ‘Stronger’ singer famously collaborated on, and continues to work with, the ‘Yesus-Adidas’ collection. It consists of clothing apparel, most popularly including shoes, jumpers, tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts, all of which sold $1.7billion (£1.2billion) worth of products in sales last year, suggestively providing the rapper with roughly $191million (£137million) in royalties within the year of 2020.

His homeware journey also comes as no surprise to his fans, after it was famously announced that he designed his Hidden Hills home in California, which he previously shared with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian; a project that was even featured in Architectural Digest. It famously took several years to complete, causing West and his whole family to live with his mother-in-law for the duration of its completion.

The rapper has ventured further than homeware, after the creation of his film production company ‘Half Beast’, and a possible future beauty brand, which is assumed to be trademarked under his late-mother’s name, ‘Donda’. West also has a future collaboration with clothing brand ‘Gap’, which is projected to make $1billion (£721million) next year, according to Wells Fargo estimates.

While this is a first for West to take his product genre into homeware, he may have had some tips from ex-wife Kim Kardashian after her company filed a trademark application last year under the name ‘KKW Home’. Her trademark is due to cover similar products like her ex-husband, and has specifically listed towels, shower curtains, linens, blankets and drapery. 

As West’s application has just been filed, it may be a while before we see any updates or homeware products with his name attached just yet, but, keep an eye out on the Reading Room to keep up to date on Kanye’s homeware trademark journey. 

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