Rapper duo in unlikely battle with United Postal Services over music video

Last month, rappers Too $hort and E-40 collaborated and debuted a music video for a track titled ‘Ain’t Gone Do It’ and, as a result, found themselves in a Copyright dispute with Postal delivery company UPS.

The music video featured the artists wearing uniforms featuring the letters ‘UPS’, whereby the S was styled as a dollar sign. The logo style appeared very similar to the uniforms of the employees of the postal service, which is likely what lead to the service seeking for the video to be removed from online platform, YouTube.

UPS, commonly recognised on Brown and yellow vans around the world, stands for the United Postal Service; However, the ‘UPS’ featured in the offending music video is inferred to stand for ‘united pimping services’. The logos used in the video mirror those trade marked by the postal service, differing only by colour, black and grey as opposed to brown and yellow, and the replacement of the S with a dollar sign. The rapper duo also acts to be employees of a delivery company in the video, whereby Too $hort is seen delivering items and E-40 poses as a supervisor.

Explaining the concept behind the music video, Too $hort said the duo wanted to create an entertaining visual with ‘positive energy’ and ‘good vibes’. However, shortly after the release, United Postal Service removed the video from YouTube for copyright infringement.

It is yet to be established whether the rappers intend to dispute or respond to the removal.

By Ellie King, student from Southampton Solent University

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