Prolific Pirate Caught and Jailed

Prolific Pirate Punished

Britain’s most prolific downloader has been caught.

Keith Tamkin,52 was found with atleast 100 hard drives full of pirated movies taking police more than a year to sort through. Mr Tamkin ran a vast music and movie piracy business with 150,000 films and more than 100 computers built to burn as many CDs and DVDs as possible.

The illegal goods were then sold to the many clients throughout his network of clients.

He was caught when police raided one of his homes, finding his vast array of computers and hard drives, sending the police to investigate further.

Tamkin pleaded guilty to one count of distributing articles that infringe copyright, two counts of money laundering accounting to £140,000 and one count of transfering criminal property. He also admitted to owning prohibited weapons.


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