Princess problems with new trade mark application for Disney

While Disney has a wide range of recognisable characters, originating from different films, arguably the most recognisable characters are the Disney Princesses.

The subjects of a number of Disney classics, the Disney Princesses who include Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora and Jasmine have been used on a number of products in their own rights for a number of years.

Therefore, Disney did not take lightly to another business stepping on their princess toes.

US company United Trademark made an application to protect ‘The Toon Studio Fairytale Princess’ in respect of clothing and amusement rides.

Disney filed an opposition against this application, highlighting that the proposed mark was high similar to their trade marks , which includes a ‘Disney Princess’ mark and a trade mark for ‘Toontown’.

They have also highlighted that United Trademark’s other applications are undoubtedly similar to their marks. The other applications are in respect of five princesses which include a mermaid.

Having built their Princess brand from 2000, Disney have also made a claim in respect of unfair advantage and damage to their reputation.

The opposition has not yet been ruled on, therefore the outcome of this case is still unknown. What is for sure is that neither party will fail to take this crown clash seriously.

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