President Trump using artist’s music for campaigns without permission again… How long can the list get?

News which we come to see far too often arises again, with Queen being one of the many bands and artists to take legal action against President Trump for utilising their music in his video campaigns, on twitter, without any consent to do so. After a copyright complaint was made by the world-famous band, Twitter was forced to take the video down, with the link to Trump’s video clip now being disabled.

Much to their disappointment, the video, which included the well-known hit ‘We Will Rock You’ was viewed over 1.7 million times. Queen join the long list of many other artists who have also taken the necessary action against Trump in very similar circumstances, with such examples including Adele, Prince, RME, Rihanna as well as many more.

This long list indicates that Trump is perhaps not yet finished with infringing the copyright protection of artists and music bands, suggesting that he simply overlooks it and is already preparing his next video campaign. The list is likely to continue growing until immediate and mandatory action is taken to prevent him from doing so.

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