Premier League get tough with copyright and streaming

The Premier League is seeking an injunction requesting ISPs block the football streaming website before the start of the 2013/14 season. It has been reported that whilst torrent websites such as Pirate Bay have been blocked, this will be the first sporting website.

The ISPs shall not block the website until as such time as an Order is sought from the courts. They will request an injunction. Jim Killock, of the Open Rights Group, expressed concern :- “All of the major ISPs now have differing degrees of conflicts of interest,” he told the BBC….. “Sky, BT, Virgin and TalkTalk all supply televisions services now, so we have to expect that there will be more reluctance to be as transparent as they have been in the past……It’s possible that very legitimate services will at some point be attacked by one of these orders. Our main concern here is that these orders should be considered slowly, and they should be subject to much more public review.”

However is it all rather a waste of time? Take for example – whilst the domain name has been banned, the people behind the website simply set up a proxy domain and mirror domains and are operating in exactly the same way. Ditto which in the USA was seized by Homeland Security and no doubt will follow suit.

 Its a battle rights holders will never win and seems rather pointless.

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