Poundland has bitter sweet dispute with Toblerone

Poundland has introduced a new chocolate bar, ‘Twin Peaks’ to fill the gap in the market that Toblerone left, after making their bars lighter and increasing gaps between each triangle. Toblerones are globally renowned for their unique shape and taste, and supply 120 countries around the world. However, in the past few years, in response to a rise in commodity prices, their popular bars have changed.

Poundland argues that, because of these changes, Toblerone is no longer distinct enough to scare off trademark competition. The Toblerone is an EU trademark registered as a twelve-triangle chocolate bar. Since registration in 1997, however, the bar has lost three triangles and become lighter. In comparison ‘Twin Peaks’ has ‘all the spaces in the right places’ and is 30g heavier. Another difference is that the Toblerone is made in Switzerland and based on Matterhorn mountain, where the ‘Twin Peaks’ takes influence from The Wrekin hill in Shropshire and is produced in Birmingham.

Despite these differences, Mondelez sent Poundland headquarters a legal letter, warning of trademark infringement, which has put off ‘Twin Peak’s release in July. A particular concern for Toblerone would be their current success in discount stores and evident dismay from fans at its new weight and size.

No new launch date has been announced yet for ‘Twin Peaks’, but I feel like this will not be the last time we hear of this intriguing new chocolate bar.

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