Police raid Amazon offices in Tokyo Japan

Police in Japan have recently carried out raids on Amazon offices in Japan following an investigation into allegations of the sale of images of child sex abuse.

The recent raid was linked with an ongoing investigation into criminals that have apparently sold images of child sex abuse via the Japan based Amazon store. Amazon have been reported to be co-operating fully with the police.

To date two raids have been carried out in Japan regarding the above. The recent action by the police has been a response to the new legislation that was enacted in Japan in June of last year, the new legislation recently criminalised possession of real images of child sex abuse! (apparently the creation and distribution of such images has been illegal since 1999).

Amazon have commented:

“We take this investigation seriously and we are co-operating fully with the authorities”.

“We don’t permit illegal items on our site and we have systems and processes designed to prevent and remove illegal items from being listed”.

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