Police Confiscate 245 ‘Pirate’ Machines

Police have confiscated 245 private media players from an online and offline merchant. They were tipped off by Dutch group BREIN. BREIN is an anti-piracy group, with an aim to put people off developing technology which helps people watch an array of British and American TV shows and films for free.

The merchant was selling ‘pirate’ media devices. Where these media players can be used for legitimate means as well, this merchant was selling them with third party add-ons, giving them potential to become ‘pirate’ machines, enabling the user to access TV shows and IPIV channels.

In the last few years, there has been little enforcement of these illegitimate machines. However, this year, the European Court of Justice ruled that selling devices pre-configured to obtain copyright, infringing content, is now illegal. Meanwhile, the hardware used to produce these devices, as well as the media player software, such as Kodi, is still legal.

After being warned by BREIN to stop selling the media devices, the merchant removed the products from the online shop but continued to stock them in store. When they refused to stop selling them, BREIN called the local police. Upon arrival, the police confiscated 245 devices, and it is expected that the merchant will receive a fine in due course.

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